Who we are and what we do…

GCRTC is one of the original NYS Teacher Resource and Computer Training Centers, established in 1984 by Education Law 316 to provide professional learning for teachers. All Teacher Centers must have boards made up of 51% or more teachers to ensure teachers have the ability to make decisions about not only what professional learning they take, but what professional learning options are made available to them.

We are proud to be a public body and as such, our meetings are open to all for viewing and listening. Members of the public who reside within any of our member schools are welcome to submit written comments of 500 words or fewer per meeting, directly to the executive director.

Our Board

Tim Backus, Assistant Superintendent, South Colonie CSD;  Dr. Robert Bangert-Drowns, School of Education, University at Albany; Tamara Belanger, Hartford CSD; Mariah Bosy, Broadalbin-Perth CSD; Sandie Carner-Shafran, WSWHE BOCES; Karen Fox, Director, Education Initiatives, Capital Region Chamber; Melissa Gergen, Guilderland CSD; Dr. Sherry Guice, Policy Board Co-Chair, Teacher, South Colonie CSD; Kate Gurley, Policy Board Co-Chair, Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake CSD; Maryanne Harper, Albany Academy for Girls Faculty Emerita; Teresa Hayes, Amsterdam CSD Faculty Emerita; Glenn Jeffers, Parent Representative, Bethlehem CSD; Thea MacFawn, North Colonie CSD; Kathleen Maguire, Hadley-Luzerne CSD; Tony McCann, Shenendehowa CSD Faculty Emeritus; Terri McGraw, Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany; Susan Moore-Palumbo, South Glens Falls CSD; Kim Pusatere, Ballston Spa CSD; Kristine Raskopf, Greenville CSD Faculty Emerita; Maureen Sara, Glens Falls CSD; Nora Senecal, Hoosick Falls CSD; Audrey Vanderhoef, Berlin CSD, Allison Weber, Johnstown CSD.

What we do

The GCRTC Policy Board is responsible for establishing the mission, goals, and strategic plan for GCRTC and recruiting and employing personnel to carry out these missions, goals, and plans.  Working in partnership with the center's LEA, South Colonie CSD, and within its own bylaws, the Policy Board provides direction for the Center's professional learning programs and fiscal oversight to the Center's funds and expenditures, while ensuring that all state and local reporting requirements are fulfilled.

(Adapted from NYSUT Fact Sheet 15-18)

Interested in serving on our Board?

Each June, the executive director sends out notifications of impending Board vacancies to all union presidents from participating schools in areas where vacancies exist or are anticipated. The service commitment for the GCRTC Board is three years, beginning January 1 and ending December 31st, with staggered terms of service. Board member positions are volunteer in service to the profession, with travel expenses related to participation in meetings reimbursed per local education agency policy.

Union presidents from areas with Board member vacancies are invited to nominate one teacher from the district in which they serve by Columbus/Indigenous Peoples’ Day. If more than one candidate is put forth, an election is held in October.

Our Board is actively involved in governing the Center, with all members serving on one or more committees that support the vision, mission and values of the Center.

The Board meets monthly during the school year, typically on the fourth Monday of the month, with the exception of December, when no meetings are scheduled. No regular meetings are held over the summer, however, special meetings may be called to interview prospective Center employees as needed. Attendance at summer meetings is encouraged, but optional.

Additionally, a Board meeting and/or training retreat may be held on a non-holiday Friday evening-Saturday afternoon during the school year. Recently, this has been during May.

October 2018 GCRTC Policy Board Meeting

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