Student contest for teachers

Do your students think their education matters? Do they have an opinion
about their education? Do any of your students want to win a new iPad Mini?

Throughout the month of May,
sponsoring the Make My Education
Students can enter by submitting a response online to the following

“*Does your education matter to you? Why or why not?*”

Everyone in education strives to provide students the best education
possible, but how often are students given an official outlet to voice
their opinion? eScholar wants to give them that opportunity. As students
craft their responses, here are some additional things they can think about:

-          What do they want to be when they grow up?

-          Do they see a connection between what they’re learning in school
and what they want to do in the future?

-          Do they wish there were more subjects or topics they could learn

-          Do they have a goal that their education will help them achieve?

Contest entries will be judged in two categories: students between ages
8-12, students between ages 13-17. All responses must be submitted by *May
31, 2013*. A winner will be selected from each category based on
originality, clarity, thoughtfulness, and the overall quality of the
writing. The winners will receive a brand new *iPad Mini! *Teachers, if you
are interested in incorporating this into your classroom, eScholar has also
created student activity
help students write their responses.
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