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*Professional Portfolio Fundamentals Webinar:
Creating a Professional Tool for Teacher Reflection, Analysis and Evaluation
*“Portfolios have much to offer the teaching profession. When teachers
carefully examine their own practices, those practices are likely to
improve. The examples of accomplished practice that portfolios provide also
can be studied and adapted for use in other classrooms.” - Dr. Kenneth
Wolf, University of Colorado*

Many districts now require teacher-created evidence binders or portfolios.
Creating a portfolio provides an opportunity for analytical assessment of
student learning. It can inform evidence-based decision making around
instruction and content. Additionally, portfolios can build teacher
capacity and teacher leadership through rigorous sustained analysis of
content and practice. In this *1 hour* webinar participants will examine
the fundamentals of professional portfolios including:

 - Discussing the purposes and potential uses of a professional portfolio
- Investigating the essential components of professional portfolios
designed for reflection, analysis and evaluation

With the first month of school behind us, this is an ideal opportunity to
start planning the design and content of your portfolio by exploring the
purposes, tools, and ingredients of professional portfolios in a convenient
online environment.

*Location:* Online
*Date:* 10/16/13
*Time:* 4:00-5:00pm
*Instructor:* Nancy Gort, teacher at Goff Middle School, East Greenbush CSD
and GCRTC Program Specialist.
*Fee:* None. Registration is required. Webinar link will be emailed prior
to the start date.
*Contact: nancy at
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