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*Cultivating Awareness and Resilience in Education (CARE) for Teachers *

CARE for Teachers is a unique program designed to help teachers respond
more pro-actively to school-based stressors by promoting awareness,
presence, compassion, reflection, and inspiration - the inner resources
they need to help students flourish, socially, emotionally, and
academically.The program involves a blend of didactic instruction and
experiential activities, including time for reflection and discussion.

Based upon current research on the neuroscience of emotion, CARE introduces
skills that understanding, recognition and self-regulation.CARE
introduces basic mindfulness activities such as short periods of silent
reflection, and progresses to more complex activities that demonstrate
strategies for addressing many of the challenging situations teachers often
encounter. Teachers learn to bring greater calm, mindfulness and awareness
into the classroom to enhance their relationships with their students,
improve classroom management, and facilitate curricular implementation.

For more on how this program impacts students in the classroom, please see
the "Resilience
article in the April 2014 issue of *Educator's Voice: Best Practices in

*CARE was developed by Patricia Jennings, Richard C Brown, **Christa* *Turksma
with financial support from the Garrison Institute*

*Location:*Minnowbrook Conference Center <>
*Dates/Time: * Friday, July 25th, 4pm - Sunday, July 27th, 4pm
*Fee: * $378/30 hours in-service - (Includes instruction, materials, meals
and lodging) Payable directly to: Minnowbrook Conference Center, Kevin
Callahan 866-352-7200. Please contact Minnowbrook asap to make payment
arrangements for your stay.
*Facilitators: * Valerie Lovelace, Program Specialist GCRTC and Lynne
Ogren, National Board Certified Teacher, South Colonie CSD
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