New GCRTC Summer Tech Offerings

Formative Assessment Apps <>

Looking for ways to foster critical thinking in real time, and over time
through the use of mobile technology? How about a way to collect data to
inform instruction? Look no further! This 5 hour course will investigate
the following Questioning Apps and web resources- Socrative, Poll Anywhere,
Infuse Learning and Nearpod. These web apps will work on any device. Each
service has a unique approach to student engagement while at the same time
provided teachers with real time data to inform instruction. Topics to
discuss include what data can be collected and how Apps can support
critical thinking and problem solving.

Course requirements: Please bring any mobile device.

 Mon 7/7· 9:00am-2:30 pm · GCRTC at Shaker Rd ES · Register:

 Twitter for Teachers <>

 Interesting in using Twitter in the classroom? Didn't think it was
possible to use Social Media with yourstudents? This one day Twitter
workshop will explore the amazing possibilities of Twitter in the
classroom. Attendees will learn how to create a classroom Twitter account,
as well as what you can do. Imagine collaborating around the globe with
students and teachers via Twitter. We will also dive into how to
communicate with students and parents, discuss Twitter etiquette, and how
to use the power of Twitter for learning and professional development. While
not a requirement, if you have a smartphone, tablet or laptop, please bring
it to the workshop.

 Wed 7/23 · 9:00am-2:30 pm · GCRTC at Shaker Rd ES· Register:

Challenged Based Learning

Looking for ways to integrate technology into your instruction while making
the shift to the Common Core Standards? This training will provide
educators with a platform to meet and exceed these needs.

Day One- Introduction to Challenge Based Learning
Day one will provide an overview of Challenge Based Learning and mobile
technology use in the classroom.

Day Two- Gathering Resources and Planning
What will you need in a 21st Century Learning Environment? 21st Century
Tools, of course! Whether your district has deployed iPads, tablets, or
laptops- any mobile device will need content for learning. Day two will be
spent gathering digital resources to be used with Challenge Based Learning,
as well as discussing how to best use and manage the devices in your

Day Three- Building and Sharing a Challenge
Attendees will spend the day creating their own Challenge to be used in the
classroom. Teachers will need to come prepared with an overview of
units/topics taught throughout the year. Everything from introducing this
concept to students, to reflecting on the process as a whole will be
covered. Come with an open mind and be ready to work!

*WSHWE BOCES Gick Rd · Wednesday-Friday 7/14-7/16 · Register: *
** <> (A collaboration with WSWHE
BOCES Model Schools)

* Or*

HFM BOCES Computer Lab · Monday-Wednesday 8/25-8/27 · Register: (A collaboration with HFM BOCES)

iTunes U NY <>

Looking for content to deliver on your iPad? Are you looking for a way to
teach an entire unit/course of study on your iPad? Check out iTunes U.
iTunes U provides teachers with a customizable learning experience for all

 Through iTunes U New York educators, students, and parents can access
exemplar learning resources. Educators can access materials and lessons
that are aligned to the NYS Common Core Learning Standards as well as other
professional development resources to improve instructional practice.
Students and parents can explore resources that have been created and
reviewed by NYS educators.

 In this full day workshop, teachers will learn all about iTunes U.
Attendees will discover the enormous amount of free educational content
iTunes U has to offer. This full day workshop will explore iTunes U courses
and content available. We will also explore how to create your own course
with iTunes U Course Manager.

Course requirements: Please bring an iPad and a laptop.

Wednesday 8/13· 9am-2:30pm · GCRTC at Shaker Rd ES · Register:
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