New Flipped Learning

*Flipped Learning*
Recommended for all teachers at all grade levels, this course will
introduce teachers to the background, philosophy, benefits and obstacles of
flipping your lessons. Facilitators will model the flipped lesson creation
process and demonstrate how classroom time can be effectively allocated
based on the lesson designed.

Participants will:

 - view sample flipped lessons from across the State
- learn about several forms of media used to flip lessons
- choose a flipped format with which to experiment
- design a flipped lesson for the classroom
- implement a flipped lesson
- reflect on their experiences
- receive helpful and supportive feedback from regional colleagues

*Dates*: January 22, January 29, and February 5
*Time:* 4:30-6:30
*Fee:* None, however registration is required. Underwritten by GCRTC.

*This course is offered concurrently at two regional locations. Please
choose one. *

*Location 1:* WSWHE Boces Gick Rd. Saratoga Springs
*Facilitator:* Geoffrey Bizan. 4th Grade Teacher, Apple Distinguished
Educator and GCRTC Teacher Leadership Coach
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