New Dates Tech Integration for the Common Core at Greenville

*Technology Integration for Common Core Curriculum Development: Learn,
Create, Share*

This 15 hour course will introduce teachers/educators to popular, easily
accessible media to infuse your newly developed Common Core lessons with
energy and creativity while solidifying your objectives by using high
impact learning tools. Learn how to create and plan lessons using
VoiceThread, SmartBoards and a docking system for iPads and iPods (Mobile
Learning Devices) to create differentiated learning and individualized
planning. The media programs will be explained including examples of ways
to introduce and personalize these technologies into your own lesson
creation. Experiment and develop your own lesson, measure the impact of
your lesson on your students, and then share with class members for more
ideas and practice with the technology.

*Instructors:*  Terry Burton, Valerie Lovelace, Vickie Parker

*Dates:* April 29(Voice Thread), May 6, (Mobile devices) 13, (Smart Board)
June 10, 2013 (Share)

*Time:* 4-7 pm (Mondays)

*Location:* Greenville High School Computer Room

*Fee:* None/ underwritten by GCRTC 15 hours in-service

*To enroll click** :*
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