New Course Using Evidence to Increase Student Learning and Engagement

*Using Evidence to Increase Student Learning and Engagement*

This interactive professional inquiry experience will provide an
opportunity for teachers to use evidence gathered in their own classrooms
to create a comprehensive picture of student learning.Teachers will apply
their enhanced understanding of student learning to make more meaningful
decisions around instructional planning, student engagement and the
learning process. Teachers will also develop a repertoire of strategies
which engage students in the continual, thoughtful analysis of their own

In this 6 hour course, participants will:

 -Collect multiple sources of evidence of student learning
-Derive more meaningful evidence from classroom data
-Analyze data usingcalculations, which provide a multi-layered
picture of student learning
-Effectively illustrate student learning using charts and graphs
-Empower students to engage in and evaluate their own learning
and growth

Participants will receive an Excel template, which will include formulas
that automatically calculate data.Access to a laptop and Excel are
recommended for this course.Although Excel will be used, previous
knowledge of the program is not necessary.

*Instructor: *Tiffany Phelps, Program Specialist at GCRTC

*Location: *Greater Capital Region Teacher Center at Shaker Road Elementary
School, 512 Albany-Shaker Road, Albany, NY 12211

*Dates*: 1/16, 1/30, 2/13 (Thurs) 2014

*Times: *4-6 pm

*Fee: *None-Underwritten by GCRTC, however registration is required

*Register: *