New Course Session Grades 48 Common Core Mathematics Implementation Support

*Grades 4-8 Common Core Mathematics Implementation Support*

In this course, designed in collaboration with the Hudson-Mohawk Valley
Area Mathematics Association, teachers of Grades 4-8 will deepen their
experience with some of the more challenging aspects of the Common Core
Math Standards, specifically fluency and deep understanding. Participants
will implement strategies in their own classrooms that support the Common
Core Math Standards under the guidance and direction of Jim Matthews.
Connections between the standards and the strategies that help make them
meaningful to students will be explained and demonstrated.

During the five sessions, instruction will focus on content standards and
especially materials from EngageNY's website on New York State Common Core
Mathematics Curriculum for grades 4 to 8 called *A Story of Units* and *A
Story of Ratios*. Participants will implement material and approaches
practiced during class sessions and discuss successes and challenges
experienced in their classrooms during implementation at the following
session. Modules and exemplars from EngageNY will be included in this work.

*Content will include:*

· *Number* (Includes place value, rounding, arithmetic operations,
and rational numbers)

· *Fractions, Ratios and Proportions* (Includes representation,
operations, and rationals)

· *Geometry and Measurement* (Includes measurement, area, volume,
and congruences)

· *Functions*

*Location:* Fonda-Fultonville Middle School

*Dates/Times:* 2014 - 1/22; 2/12; 3/19; 4/23; 5/14 from 4-7 p.m. each day

*Fee:* None, underwritten by the GCRTC – 15 hours / 1 in-service credit

*Learn more and register at: ***<>

*Contact:* valerie at for more information.