New course Securing Funds to Support Innovative Common Core Curriculum Planning

*Securing Funds to Support Innovative Common Core Curriculum Planning*
Designed to support the process of garnering funds for education
initiatives and programs, this course is open to teachers, administrators,
teaching assistants or other school related personnel. Funding to support
structural or curriculum change is often dependent upon external sources of
funding, usually initiated by individuals or teams of teachers and
administrators.  Success depends upon knowledge of the culture and practice
in the field of philanthropy.  Training will support educators as they move
an idea/solution from concept to reality.  This course helps master all
that goes into getting the funding and grants needed for implementation of
your Common Core Curriculum Projects.  Participants will learn the
components, elements and characteristics of a successful proposal.  By the
last session each attendee or group will have created a workable grant
proposal based upon each stakeholder’s specific idea and needs.

Topics covered include:

   - The world of grantmaking / philanthropy
   - State, federal, corporate, andfoundation funding and the differences
   and similarities in their approach
   - Elements of a grant proposal
   - Key terminology in the grantseeking process
   - Proposal writing tips
   - Developing a needs statement
   - Describing your idea/project
   - Writing a budget narrative
   - Assessment/Evaluation of the project
   - Qualities a grantmaker looks for in a proposal
   - Best practices in approaching grantmakers

*Instructor:*  Vickie Parker, a veteran English teacher has a Fundraising
and Philanthropy certificate from NYU, and has been teaching grantwriting
and managing grants at GCRTC for over 15 years*.*

*Location:*  Greater Capital Region Teacher Center, Shaker Road Elementary
*Dates:*  May 2, 9, 16, 24 (Thurs)
*Time:* 4-7:00 p.m. Thursdays
*Fee:* None/underwritten by GCRTC 12 hours in-service
*Register now<>
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