New Course available Challenge Based Learning The Common Core Shift You Should Try

*Challenge Based Learning: The Common Core “Shift” You Should Try*
Want to learn more about an exciting problem-based learning strategy for
meaningfully addressing the Common Core standards with your students? This
three hour course will introduce educators to an alternative,
student-directed approach to addressing the CCSS that strategically
integrates technology throughout. Challenge Based Learning (CBL) provides a
significant change to the instructional environment that a curriculum
package cannot offer.

Through the use of mobile devices and other technologies, students are in
the driver’s seat as they work to arrive at a solution to a problem that is
meaningful to them. This collaborative process builds several ELA,
Mathematics and Technology standards into the CBL framework.

This awareness session will present attendees with actual challenges
completed at the Elementary School level. Free resources will be provided.

Prerequisite: Must have access to mobile devices such as iPads, laptops,
and video editing software (iMovie).
*Presenter:* Geoff Bizan, 5th Grade teacher at Stillwater CSD and Apple
Distinguished Educator
*Location*: Greater Capital Region Teacher Center, Shaker Rd ES, So.
Colonie CSD
*Date:* June 4 (Tues)
*Times:* 4-7 p.m.
*Fee:* None, underwritten by GCRTC

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