NATEC K12 Nanotech Professional Development Workshop July 8th

NATEC K-12 Hands-on Nanotech Professional Development Workshop for Teachers
Elementary, Middle, and High School specific sessions (see below)
Location: Mohonasen HS
Date: July 8, 2013
Time: 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.
Fee: None
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NEATEC (Northeast Advanced Technological Education Center) is funded by the National Science Foundation, our main purpose is to engage students in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) in a way that will excite, inform, and prepare them for the emerging nano-tech and semi-conductor careers that are exploding in our area. The center's mission is to reach out across NY State and the greater New England area and form a collaboration between students, educators, industry, and government. 

Over the summer of 2012 twenty educators with backgrounds ranging from Kindergarten to 12th grade instruction came together with curriculum developers to work on the creation of "Nano-Modules.” The result was several exciting, all-inclusive lessons that fit easily into existing math and science curriculum for NY state standards. Each module is intentionally designed to introduce Nanotechnology and STEM to students without the need for teachers to rearrange current lesson plans.

Please join us for our second “Professional Development Workshop” as the authors give a hands on demonstration of K-12 grade modules. Upon completion, teachers will have the opportunity to sign up for NEATEC’s kit lending library and implement these modules into their classrooms. 

Below are titles and brief descriptions of modules being offered*, workshops are broken down by grade level,K-3 and 3-5 will be combined into one. All 3 will run simultaneously from 9am- 3pm with a lunch.

K-2 Modules:
"What is Tiny?"

Students gain understanding of nanometer size in comparison to everyday objects. They are also introduced to common vocabulary terms used such as atom, molecule, cell, and self-assembly.
3-5 Modules:
“Nanotechnology: UV and Opacity”
Using UV color changing beads, students are shown the power of UV radiation from the sun and how different materials protect us from exposure, including many products enhanced by nanotechnology.
“Nano Sand”
Students will be able to compare and contrast regular play sand and hydrophobic sand and draw conclusions about the advantages of hydrophobic sand including its real world applications.
“Nano-Tex Fabric”
Students compare Nano enhanced fabric to regular fabric to see first-hand what manipulating material on a molecular level can do as liquid is repelled or “wicked” away by the Nano-Tex fabric. They are also introduced to vocabulary words such as hydrophobic.
6-8 Modules: 

“Self-Assembly Handshake
Through direction and teamwork students are introduced to the concept of self-assembly and are required to work together as “molecules” under specific conditions to replicate the process. They are also given everyday examples of where self-assembly takes place, as well as how it helps scientist manipulate materials on the nano scale level.
“Thin Films”
Using soap bubbles students learn how to measure the thickness of a thin film by observing the color of the light spectrum and comparing them to a wavelength chart. They also explore the applications of thin films in the world of Nanotechnology and the everyday objects it is used for.
9-12 Modules:

“Nano Sand and the Hydrophobic Effect”
Students explore the chemistry behind hydrophobic sand by examining the properties of water and how it reacts to both beach sand and magic sand and why. They then incorporate this knowledge into hands on project that improves a product already in existence by making it hydrophobic.
“Memory Metal”

By exploring the uses of nitinol wire the chemistry behind it, and how it relates to nanotechnology students will get a first person view of how memory metal retains it sape through heat activation and explore its future impact on products and industry.
*Titles and descriptions of modules are subject to change as they are still in development.
Natasha DeLucco-Campione
Project Coordinator
Northeast Advanced Technological Education Center (NEATEC)
Hudson Valley Community College AMZ 205
(518) 269-7537
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