GCRTC End of Year Summer Catalog Update4 More New Programs Just Added

Whether your summer schedule includes time off, summer school or other
plans, GCRTC will be here for you throughout the summer. Because we know
summer is the best time for many educators to participate in professional
development, our summer catalog is filled with high quality professional
development programs designed to keep you current and engaged. Please see
our new and updated program descriptions follow this listing. All GCRTC
course descriptions may be accessed anytime via the GCRTC Web Registration
Catalog <https://www.mylearningplan.com/webreg/catalog.asp?H=1&D=13206>. Please
contact GCRTC at 489-0568, should you need assistance with registration or
any additional program information.
You can also Follow us on
and Follow us on Twitter! <https://twitter.com/GCRTC> to see photos of our
recent courses and get the latest GCRTC news.
Have a great summer everyone-We hope to see you soon!

   - *Summer Institute for National Board
   Jul 10-12, 2013*
   - *Teaching with Poverty in Mind Cobleskill/Catskill
   Jul 15-17, 2013*
   - *(A few seats are available in Catskill only-Please join the wait list
   and email
   valerie at teachers-center.org to be enrolled in the Catskill HS DL lab
   - *Updated! 2013 Great Teacher Academy
    **Dates: Jul 18, 19; Aug 20, 21, 2013*
   - *New! **Teaching with Poverty in Mind-at WSWHE BOCES Gick Rd and
   Berlin via DL<https://www.mylearningplan.com/WebReg/ActivityProfile.asp?D=13206&I=1359777&H=1>
   ** Dates: Jul 22-24, 2013*
   - *Selecting Distinguished Picture Books for K- 3 Common Core
   19-20, 2013*
   - *K-3 Common Core Lesson Planning Using Distinguished Picture
   20-21, 2013*
   - *2 <http://origins.rpi.edu/>**013 Astrobiology Teachers
Academy<http://origins.rpi.edu/> Dates:
   Jul 22-25, 2013*
   - *Using SMART Boards to Address Common Core Standards in ES
   22, 23 & 30, 2013*
   - *The Resilient Teacher Retreat at
   26-27, 2013*·
   - *Challenge Based Learning
   29, 30 & 31, 2013*
   - *Grades 4-8 Common Core Standards for Mathematical Practice with
   Ratio, Proportionality, Fractions and
   6, 7 & 8, 2013*
   - *

   New! Building a Professional Learning Network with

   Aug 14, 2013*
   - *New! 2013 Capital Area Coaches
   20, 21 & 22, 2013*
   - *Introduction to SMART
   27, 2013*
   - *New!** *Mentoring in the Midst of School
   * Aug 27 & 28, 2013*

*[image: Inline image 2]*

*The CCSS Core Modules????? *Greater Capital Region Teacher
Center<http://www.gcrtc.org/>in collaboration with
CASDA <http://casdany.org/> and WSWHE BOCES <http://www.wswheboces.org/>,
is proud to present the:
2013 Great Teacher Academy

Join your colleagues in a high quality inquiry into the *CCSS modules, *how
they are constructed with the Common Core standards and shifts, and how to
adapt or create your own high quality module with your own curriculum.

Teachers will leave the four days of the *GTA 2013*  with both enhanced
professional skills and guided experience analyzing CCSS exemplar modules.
Participants will also develop articulated Action Plans to adapt an
exemplar module or to create their own-through collaboration and guided
inquiry-during the sessions.

Facilitators are experienced teachers and educators who have significant
expertise in the CCSS, alignment of curriculum and assessment, and
providing high-quality professional development.

*Location: *WSWHE BOCES, 27 Gick Road, Saratoga, NY
*Dates:* July 18-19; August 20-21, 2013
*Times:* 8:30 a.m.- 3:30 p.m. each day
*Fee:* None, underwritten by GCRTC.
Register for GTA

[image: Teaching with Poverty in Mind: What Being Poor Does to Kids' Brains
and What Schools Can Do About It]*

*Teaching with Poverty in Mind-at WSWHE BOCES and Berlin via
*Almost 20% of America's students live in poverty. This means that over 10
million children from K-12 are affected by negative factors that often
limit their academic success. In order to reduce the impact of this
obstacle to student learning, teachers need to understand the impacts of
poverty on students and how this can be addressed within the classroom and
school community.

This workshop will give you background knowledge on understanding poverty
in new ways, along with research-based skills and practical applications
that facilitate academic success for the increasing number of our students
living in poverty.

Based on Eric Jensen's book, *Teaching with Poverty in Mind*, this workshop
will discuss the effects of poverty in our students' brains and how we as
educators can use this information to make our instruction more effective,
not only for students from poverty, but for all learners in our classrooms.

According to Jensen, Poverty has been analyzed and studied for years. The
results are that poverty changes the brain. Here are six of the many ways:

   - Nutritional deficits
   - Emotional support
   - Stress/Distress
   - Health issues
   - Cognitive stimulation
   - Safety issues"

In this workshop participants will learn:

   - How the brains of students from poverty are different
   - Enrichment exercises that support positive changes in the brain
   - Practical strategies you can use in the classroom that will benefit
   all learners

*Instructors:*  Lynne Ogren, South Colonie CSD and Valerie Lovelace,
Greater Capital Region Teacher Center
*Location:* Hosted by WSWHE BOCES, Gick Rd DL lab and Berlin CSD, DL
Lab-Both locations will have an on-site instructor and will be fully
*Dates:*  2013 - July 22, 23, 24 (Mon-Wed)
*Time:* 9:30 a.m. - 3p.m. daily
*Fee:* None, underwritten by GCRTC - 15 hours/1 in-service credit. Includes
professional development and a copy of *Teaching with Poverty in Mind* (a
$25 value).
*Register for Teaching with Poverty in Mind

[image: blue, square, twitter icon]

*Building a Professional Learning Network with
*Twitter has undoubtedly become a social media sensation, but what many
educators have not yet learned is that it is also an amazing tool for
professional development! It allows any teacher or administrator to connect
with other educators all over the world by sharing best teaching practices,
classroom management strategies, iPad advice, and more. And, this is
possible anytime of day *for free*!

This is without a doubt a huge leap forward in collegial collaboration and
self-directed professional development. It will help you excel at NYS
Teaching Standard VII, Professional Growth, most significantly in the areas
of setting personalized learning goals and communicating and collaborating
with the larger community to continuously improve your practice.

Are you a connected educator? You will be after this course.

Prerequisites: Mobile device with an Internet connection....iPad, iPhone,
or laptop

*Instructor:* Geoffrey Bizan, 5th Grade Teacher, Stillwater Elementary
School and Apple Distinguished Educator, gbiz28 at yahoo.com
*Date:* August 14, 2013
*Time:* 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. (5 hours)
*Location:* GCRTC, Shaker Rd ES, 512 Albany-Shaker Rd, Albany
*Fee:* None, underwritten by GCRTC
*Register for Building a Professional Learning Network on Twitter

*2013 Capital Area Coaches
*GCRTC is proud to announce this special opportunity for teacher leaders,
academic coaches, team leaders, mentors and all teachers interested in
developing high level collaboration skills around teaching practice.

Learning Forward’s national coaching expert, Dr. Lea Arnau, will lead the
opening of the 2013 Coaches Institute co-sponsored by the Greater Capital
Region Teacher Center and Capital Region BOCES.

·       We know from experience that there is a significant and growing
need for teachers to collaborate on all aspects of teaching practice—and
for the development of the skills and strategies aroundfacilitating
effective professional conversations and team efforts.

·       We know from research that embedded, sustained, collaborative and
supported professional learning is the most effective in developing
practices that lead to improved student learning.

·      The Coaching Institute will help coaches, mentors, and teachers
taking on other kinds of leadership roles learn how to respectfully and
effectively facilitate team and coaching conversations around professional
issues such as instruction, curriculum, and assessment.

*Instructor: *Dr. Lea Arnau, Learning Forward (Formerly the National Staff
Development Council)
*Location*: Capital Region BOCES 900 Watervliet-Shaker Rd., Albany, NY
*Dates/Times*: August 20, 21, 22 -  8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. daily - Follow-up
sessions: TBA
*Fee*:   $150. per participant. Includes books and lunch each day Aug 20th– 22
*Program information contact: *Carol Forman-Pemberton,
carol at teachers-center.org
*Register for the 2013 Capital Area Coaches Institute
**Registration assistanct contact:* Amy Carinci, GCRTC
amy at teachers-center.org

*Mentoring in the Midst of School
*Alexia Ryan, an experienced and frequently requested mentor trainer, will
be facilitating a two day training for mentors on August 27 and 28 at the
Greater Capital Region Teacher Center.

This program provides practical strategies and activities to encourage and
strengthen mentoring and coaching relationships and will reflect the
demands of the current educational climate and requirements.

Participants will be introduced to methods for supporting teachers and
colleagues in relation to curriculum, assessment, and instruction. They
will also develop useful strategies and resources to assist them in
providing feedback and improving the quality of instruction for both
themselves and their colleagues.  This program presents coaching and
collaboration as a shared process.

*Instructor: *Alexia Ryan*
Location:* Greater Capital Region Teacher Center, Shaker Road ES, 512
Albany-Shaker Road, Albany
*Dates/Times:*  August 27-28, 2013 - 8:30AM-3:30PM daily
*Fee:* No cost for area teachers-underwritten by GCRTC.
*Program information contact:*  Carol Forman-Pemberton
carol at teachers-center.org
Register for Mentoring in the Midst of School Change
*Registration assistance contact: *Amy Carinci amy at teachers-center.org
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