GCRTC ALERTS for 31113

*Greater Capital Region Teacher Center ALERTS for Monday, March 11, 2013*

*New Session!
Professional collaborative inquiry into secondary content area CCSS-aligned
unit development
*Because we have had so many requests , GCRTC is offering a second set of
sessions of Professional Inquiry into CCSS Secondary Unit Design.

Interfacing rigorous content area curriculum and standards with the
literacy skills students need to interact with and learn from texts,
materials, and activities in science, social studies, and English is one of
the challenges of facing secondary content area teachers.

The Greater Capital Region Teacher Center is sponsoring a set of
collaborative sessions investigating the use of the unit building
strategies and tools from the Literacy Design Collaborative. Facilitators
for these sessions are area classroom TEACHERS who have developed juried
modules through work with national level cohorts on the processes of
building CCSS aligned, content rich units based on rigorous student tasks,
scaffolded and differentiated skill development, and authentic assessment
of learning.

*Dates/Times:* 4:30- 6:30 PM, Wednesdays (April 10, 2013; April 24, 2013;
May 1, 2013; May 15, 2013)

*Location:* Greater Capital Region Teacher Center, 512 Albany-Shaker Road,
Albany, NY 12211

*Facilitator:* Carol Kelly, Guilderland School District and co-facilitators
from the LDC project
*Fee:* None, underwritten by GCRTC / Registration required – Register now
on MLP<https://www.mylearningplan.com/WebReg/ActivityProfile.asp?D=13206&I=1302408&H=1>
*For more information contact:* carol at teachers-center.org
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