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*Technology Integration for Common Core Curriculum Development: Learn,
Create, Share*<https://www.mylearningplan.com/WebReg/ActivityProfile.asp?D=13206&I=1293605&H=1>(Starts

*MindUP™: Creating Rich Learning Environments to Support the Common

*Teaching with Poverty in

Research to Practice: Conversations with Higher Ed (3/20, Dr.
(4/17, Dr. Yagelski<https://www.mylearningplan.com/WebReg/ActivityProfile.asp?D=13206&I=1296478&H=1>);
(5/8, Dr. Yanoff<https://www.mylearningplan.com/WebReg/ActivityProfile.asp?D=13206&I=1296493&H=1>

*and local events of interest…*

*STEM Education Teacher Workshop* atmiSci
<http://www.misci.org/>(formerly Schenectady Museum) (3/21/13)

* *

*Technology Integration for Common Core Curriculum Development: Learn,
Create, Share*<https://www.mylearningplan.com/WebReg/ActivityProfile.asp?D=13206&I=1293605&H=1>

This 15 hour course will introduce teachers/educators to popular, easily
accessible media to infuse your newly developed Common Core lessons with
energy and creativity while solidifying your objectives by using high
impact learning tools. Learn how to create and plan lessons using
VoiceThread, SMART Board™ and a docking system for iPads and iPods (Mobile
Learning Devices) to create differentiated learning and individualized
planning. The media programs will be explained including examples of ways
to introduce and personalize these technologies into your own lesson
creation. Experiment and develop your own lesson, measure the impact of
your lesson on your students, and then share with class members for more
ideas and practice with the technology.

*Instructors: *Terry Burton, Middleburgh CSD; Vickie Parker and Valerie
Lovelace, GCRTC**

*Location:*  Greenville High School Computer Room
*Dates:*  (2013) March 11; 18; 25; April 8, Creation Time (on your own);
April15, Share Session
*Times:* 4-7pm, Mondays
*Fee:*  None-Underwritten by GCRTC/15 hours in-service
*Register:* *

*Research to Practice: Conversations with Higher Ed*

In all the push to infuse the Common Core State Standards into instruction
and showing evidence of student learning, teachers have little time to
pursue the deeper cognitive and pedagogical understandings and research
around the learning and literacy that are informing these agendas—or not.
There are few opportunities for teachers to hear from scholars who are
working with local institutions of higher ed.

The Greater Capital Region Teacher Center would like to offer three
opportunities for teachers to engage in collaborative conversations with
university based scholars. In each session, a scholar will facilitate a 60
minute session focused on a text selected by the scholar as offering the
basis for a rich and relevant conversation. Following the text based
conversation, participants will have opportunities to investigate
implications of these research and understandings on their own practice.
The articles or chapters used will be available to participants in advance
of the session.

Three sessions are scheduled. Please register for each session separately,
by clicking links below.

March 20              4:00-6:00             Dr. Virginia Goatley
University at Albany

April 17                  4:00-6:00             Dr. Robert Yagelski
University at Albany<https://www.mylearningplan.com/WebReg/ActivityProfile.asp?D=13206&I=1296478&H=1>

May 8                    4:00-6:00             Dr. Elizabeth Yanoff
College of St.Rose<https://www.mylearningplan.com/WebReg/ActivityProfile.asp?D=13206&I=1296493&H=1>

*MindUP™: Creating Rich Learning Environments to Support the Common

While the Common Core carefully delineates what skills a student must
acquire to be college and career ready, teachers are charged with
meaningfully engaging their students in the learning process. By providing
students with the essential strategies they need to develop their higher
order thinking skills, they will become resilient learners who can commit
to and follow through on consistently rigorous academic tasks.

MindUP™ teaches educators how to effectively transform the learning
environment to deliver the deep engaged student learning required to
successfully make the instructional shifts required by the CCSS. MindUP™
creates a simple, yet powerful framework within which teachers and students
can work together to meet the high expectations set forth by the CCSS. The
MindUP™Curriculum (2011) helps teachers and students work together to:

·         Improve focus, concentration and academic performance
·         Reduce stress and anxiety
·         Handle peer-to-peer conflicts and increase pro-social behavior
·         Manage emotions and reactions
·         Embrace greater empathy for others
·         Develop resiliency and an optimistic mindset

*Instructors:* MindUP™ trainers, Lynne Ogren, South Colonie CSD and Pamela
Hoh, MindUp
*Location:* Sand Creek Middle School Library
*Date:* April 27, 2013 (Sat)
*Time:* 8:30 a.m. - 3 p.m.
*Fee:* None, however registration is required (7.5 hours; includes MindUP™
Training underwritten by the Hawn Foundation, Curriculum Guide valued at
$24.99 underwritten by GCRTC and working lunch)
For more information, please contact valerie at teachers-center.org

*Teaching with Poverty in

Almost 20% of America’s students live in poverty. This means that over 10
million children from K-12 are affected by negative factors that often
limit their academic success. In order to reduce the impact of this
obstacle to student learning, teachers need to understand the impacts of
poverty on students and how this can be addressed within the classroom and
school community.

This workshop will give you background knowledge on understanding poverty
in new ways, along with research-based skills and practical applications
that facilitate academic success for the increasing number of our students
living in poverty.

Based on Eric Jensen’s book, *Teaching with Poverty in Mind*, this workshop
will discuss the effects of poverty in our students’ brains and how we as
educators can use this information to make our instruction more effective,
not only for students from poverty, but for all learners in our classrooms.

According to Jensen, “Poverty has been analyzed and studied for years. The
results are that poverty changes the brain. Here are six of the many ways…

·         Nutritional deficits
·         Emotional support
·         Stress/Distress
·         Health issues
·         Cognitive stimulation
·         Safety issues”

In this workshop participants will learn:
·         How the brains of students from poverty are different.
·         Enrichment exercises that support positive changes in the brain.
·         Practical strategies you can use in the classroom that will
benefit all learners.

 *Dates:* May 4, 18; June 1, 2013 (Sat)
*Times:* 9:30 a.m. - 3 p.m. each day
*Fee:* None, underwritten by GCRTC - 15 hours/1 in-service credit. Includes
professional development and a copy of *Teaching with Poverty in Mind*.

*GCRTC would also like to make you aware of the following opportunity that
has been shared with us:*

*STEM Education Teacher Workshop* atmiSci
<http://www.misci.org/>(formerly Schenectady Museum)
Join miSci and San Francisco's Exploratorium for Engaging Students' Science
and Engineering Practices, a workshop of inquiry and exploration. The Next
Generation Science Standards (NGSS) offer a vision for K-12 science
literacy in which successfully understanding science content and performing
science practices are equally important. In this workshop, staff from the
Exploratorium Teacher Institute will facilitate innovative classroom
activities designed to bring the authentic practices of science and
engineering to your students. This session will focus specifically on:

   - scientific modeling
   - engineering problem solving
   - data interpretation
   - communication of evidence and results

All activities will involve the use of easy to find, inexpensive,
recyclable materials. Content is designed for middle and high school level
teachers,  but open to all.

*Location:* miSci, 15 Nott Terrace Heights, Schenectady
*Date:* Thursday, March 21
*Time:* 5 - 8PM
*Fee:* None, however please register by emailing
Elizabeth.Hoffman at miSci.orgor call 518-382-7890 x 256.
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