FREE Algebra workshop with Jill Diniz of CommonCoreorg 2614

*Please forward to all Algebra and math coordinators in the Greater Capital

*Focused on Algebra: Workshop for Algebra teachers and math coordinators*

With the implementation of the Common Core Standards and the new
math teachers, especially algebra teachers, have been called on to modify
traditional coverage of topics.

This full-day session will focus on the major work of Algebra I in
alignment with the
PARCC Model Content Frameworks. The session will provide specific
strategies for using
the content to engage deeply in the mathematical practice standards.

• Interpreting the structure of expressions
• Polynomial arithmetic
• Creating equations that describe numbers or relationships
• Solving equations and inequalities through reasoning about the equations
inequality and through graphic representations
• Understanding functions and interpreting functions that arise in
• Interpreting linear models
The facilitator of this workshop is part of the team providing ongoing
support for math
educators for the NYSED Network Team Institutes and developing the math
modules on

*Date:* Thursday, February 6, 2014
*Time:* 8:30 AM-3:00 PM
*Location:* East Campus of University at Albany, 5 University Place,
Rensselaer, NY
*Facilitator: *Jill Diniz, Curriculum Manager and Lead Writer 6-12,
*Fee: *None. Underwritten by the Greater Capital Region Teacher Center
*Register now! *
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