Farms and Food Teaching the Hudson Valley from the Ground Up

*Farms and Food: Teaching the Hudson Valley from the Ground Up*, July
29-31, FDR Home and Presidential Library, Hyde Park. Affordable fees,
register by July 18 for best rate.

Food is a high-interest topic that generates strong opinions--from the
kindergartner who hates peas to the newly minted teenage vegetarian. Get
strategies for taking advantage of this interest. Farms and food are
compelling starting points for interdisciplinary learning. Workshops,
panels, field experiences, and other formats offer background, content,
activities, and lessons. Explore a wide range of issues and subjects past
and present: culture, history, and development, economics, science, and the

*Sample workshops*: Creating School Gardens * Composting Basics * A
Classroom Simulation Exploring Consequences of Agricultural Decisions *
Reading and Writing Green in Your Schoolyard * Teaching Food Equality in
Your Community * Three Sisters on the Farm and Table: Corn, Beans, and
Squash * What do animals need to stay alive? FOOD! * Breaking Old Ground: A
History of Hudson Valley Agriculture * Preserving Farmland, Encouraging

*Field Experiences: *Cooking and Drawing in Albany * Cropsey Community Farm
(New City, Rockland County) * Our Ecosystem, Our Health: Exploring the
Benefits of School & Community Gardens (Poughkeepsie) * The Scoop on Dirt:
Soil, Farming, & History, Martin Van Buren National Historic Sites and
Roxbury Farm, Kinderhook, Columbia County


*Farming in the Valley Today*: Beth Chittenden, Dutch Hollow Farm; Shane
Hardy, Rockland Farm Alliance; Lindsey Shute, Hearty Roots Farm &
National Young Farmers Coalition; and a farmer from the Rondout Valley
Growers. Moderator: Todd Erling, Hudson Valley Agribusiness Development Corp

*Educating our Next Generation to Eat with Consciousness*, Pam Koch,
professor of nutrition education and executive director, Laurie M. Tisch
Center for Food, Education, and Policy, Teachers College, Columbia

*Climate Change and Agriculture: No Longer Business as Usual*, Mike
Hoffmann, associate dean, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, and
director, Agricultural Experiment Station, Cornell University

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