Education Blogs

The following is a list of Education and Policy Blogs that may be of interest to educators.

Education Commentary

  • Education and Class - Exploring the intersections of social class, education and identity.
  • Eduoptimists - Transforming Education for the Public Good
  • Edwize (UFT) - EdWize is sponsored by the United Federation of Teachers (UFT) as a place where members, public education advocates and others can express opinions in an effort to establish an agora of informed commentary on public education and labor issues.
  • Flypaper (Fordham) - Commentary edited by Michael Petrilli, Executive Vice President of the Fordham Institute and a foremost education analyst.


Education News, Policy and Politics

  • ASCD - Posts cover the biggest topics in education today and offer insight, information, and resources that empower educators to support the success of each learner. Readers will also find timely policy updates, association news, and insider details of conferences and more.
  • Board Buzz - Get important education news, insights, and analysis from School Board News Today.
  • Chalkbeat New York - A news site covering educational change in New York schools.
  • EdCentral - Education News & Analysis from the New America Foundation
  • EDUWONK - Eduwonk is a blog written by Andrew J. Rotherham, Co-founder and Partner at Bellwether Education Partners. The blog focuses mostly on education policy and politics.
  • Intercepts - Written by Mike Antonucci, this is a listening post monitoring public education and teachers’ unions.
  • Kitchen Table Math - A group blog: parents, teachers, & friends discuss math, reading, & writing - and the politics of public education.
  • Principal’s Policy Blog (NASSP) - The latest in federal policy that affects your school.
  • Schools Matter - This space explores issues in public education policy, and it advocates for a commitment to and a re-examination of the democratic purposes of schools.
  • Sherman Dorn - Professor Dorn brings a unique perspective to examining the history and politics of education.
  • Small Talk - Sharing some ideas about public education, school reform, and ed-politics in general.
  • This Week In Education - Alexander Russo is a writer and former Senate education staffer. His goal is to give you the inside scoop on all the latest education news and politics -- from a variety of perspectives (including some you may disagree with).


Education Reform

  • Edspresso - Breaking news, commentary and debate on real education reform.
  • Inside Schools Blog - News and views from journalists, public school parents, and public school advocates on New York City public schools.
  • Jay Greene - Jay P. Greene is the endowed professor of education reform at the University of Arkansas. On this blog you can find some of his thoughts on education policy and other matters.
  • Teacher Leadership Network - Our team of bloggers writes about changes in the teaching profession, both present and future.
  • Whitney Tilson - Articles, videos and commentary in Education Reform.


Teacher Practice, Leadership and Curriculum

  • Core Knowledge Blog - Keep up to date on education news, research, and best classroom practices -- and communicate with others who are implementing the Core Knowledge Sequence in schools nationwide.
  • Hope Foundation Blog - HOPE (Harnessing Optimism and Potential through Education) Foundation’s mission is to support educational leaders over time in creating school cultures where failure is not an option for any student.
  • Mr. B-G’s English Blog - Here you will find musings from Mr. B-G, a high school English and journalism teacher in Western Massachusetts, and links to a host of sites ranging from blogging and teaching to writing, reading, technology, and more.
  • Teachers At Risk - Elona Hartjes shares the insights, resources and practical classroom strategies that have earned her A Teacher of Distinction Award.
  • The College Puzzle - Articles and tips about success in college, covering student success studies and contemporary academia insight by Dr. Michael W. Kirst.
  • The Principals Page - The Occasionally Humorous Thoughts and Ramblings about Education and Life from a K-12 Superintendent.



  • Curriki - Curriki is an online community for creating and sharing curricula and teaching best practices.
  • Dangerously Irrelevant - Technology, leadership, and the future of schools. A blog dedicated to the technology needs of principals, superintendents, and other school administrators.


EdWeek Blogs

  • Bridging Differences - Deborah Meier is a visionary teacher, author, and founder of successful small schools in New York City and Boston. In 2013, she will blog with different education thinkers on the big issues affecting students, teachers, and schools.
  • Politics K-12 - Michele McNeil covered education and state government in Indiana for a decade before joining Education Week as a state policy reporter in June 2006. Alyson Klein, who reports on federal education policy, joined the staff in February 2006 after nearly two years at Congress Daily.
  • Teacher Beat Blog - Stephen Sawchuk, a former federal education beat writer, turns his inner policy geek to digging around in the weeds of the teaching profession.
  • Teacher In A Strange Land - Nancy Flanagan is an education writer and consultant focusing on teacher leadership.
  • Teacher Voices - EdWeek’s teacher contributed blog with opinion pieces and best practices.

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