Common Core Standards

Have questions about Common Core Standards? GCRTC has collected the following resources to assist teachers in improving their knowledge and implementation of the CCSS.


NYS Learning Standards and Core Curriculum

Visit NYSED's website, which has the NYS Standards for each subject area.

Common Core Standards Q&A

Find answers to some of the most pressing concerns felt by teachers regarding the implementation of the CCSS in their classroom.

Common Core Standards Initiative

An excellent introduction to the CC Standards with FAQs and a list of key points for both ELA and Math.


Engage NY

Have questions about Common Core Standards, data-driven instruction or teacher and leader effectiveness? This is your one-stop shop for teaching and learning resources and answers most questions about the Common Core Standards, Student Learning Objectives, Teacher Evaluation Roadmap, and Common Core Instructional Shifts.

To find each portion quickly the links are as follows:


ELA and Math Modules

Use the links below to find the most up-to-date information on ELA and Math CC Curriculum and Modules.


Common Core Aligned Organizations


Achieve's guiding principle in K-12 standards has been to clearly define what students should know and be able to do throughout their K-12 experience, with the aim of all students graduating ready for college and careers.

Literacy Design Collaborative

The Literacy Design Collaborative is designed to make literacy instruction the foundation of the core subjects and allow teachers to build content on top of a coherent approach to literacy.


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