Annual Professional Performance Review

The new state APPR requirements call for multiple measures of teacher effectiveness. Because not all of the New York State Teaching Standards are able to be evaluated in an observation, many districts are asking teachers to present evidence of their effective teaching -- especially around knowledge of students, planning, assessment, reflection on data and evidence, and professional growth.

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For over a decade the Greater Capital Region Teacher Center has been a catalyst for the National Board Certification programs in the region and across New York. Join the 1,302 teachers in our state who have earned this distinction by using teaching standards as a lens to view, articulate, and improve their practice.

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“As the nation focuses on building the strongest possible teaching workforce, National Board Certification is the gold standard in affirming excellence in the classroom. These highly qualified teachers are true 'nation builders,' and are the educators who are best positioned to lead the ground-up movement our schools need to reach their potential.”
- Ron Thorpe, NBPTS president and CEO.

For more information on all National Board programming, please contact:

Colleen McDonald or Annette Romano

Co-Directors, National Board Council of New York